Nathan Cartwright: A Los Angeles-based, mixed media artist and acclaimed founder/curator for The Hive Gallery and Studios, in downtown Los Angeles (founded in 2005). His gallery is the oldest in the area and has been featured in numerous documentaries and magazines. As an artist, he has shown his work around the world, and is becoming known for curating large festival style shows around the country as well as his studios in the Downtown Artwalk/Gallery Row-area.

“My work is interactive with doors, electric lights and buttons the viewer can press. I enjoy playing off of the human’s propensity for curiosity. We all like to look around the corner and see what lies ahead, or open up the newly discovered dusty box in the attic. I encourage the viewer to discover the art as I do.  You haven’t seen all of my work until you look through a peep hole in the sculptural surface or open a door to find a dimly lit corridor with a glaring distorted figure.”
 The viewer’s process of discovery is a metaphor for the artist-shaman’s long practiced journey into the dark depths of the “self”. Nathan believes that there is no more important odyssey in life than that of self discovery.

The Hive Gallery: Founded in Spring of 2005, The Hive Gallery and Studios is a truly unique and vibrant gallery/studio experience. It is a virtual think-tank, buzzing with 5 featured artists a month, two full galleries, 25 working artists, and an Hive-made item store. The longest standing gallery on the Downtown Art Walk, the Hive is on the forefront of establishing the Los Angeles Metro area as a world-wide art mecca. It has been voted Best Gallery in LA by LA Weekly and nominated for several other awards.

In addition, the gallery serves as an arts community hub, holding various fundraising events, and gallery programs such sculpture night, figure drawing, private movie screenings, and more.

James Hendershott: fascinated by people, and by how physical form expresses our human spirit. Since he was a teenager, he has studied the south pacific cultures, especially with how the Maori warriors and leaders would tattoo intricate designs on their faces, designs intimately connected with their way of life.

His main intention with painting is to portray the human spirit, and has a great affinity for the beauty of old age, an intangible beauty that only comes with experience of living. His influences include Norman Rockwell and John Singer Sargent, who communicated the everyday lives, triumphs and losses of the human experience with such keenness of spirit. He also has a great admiration for Plein Aire painting, Abstract and Modern art.

Originally from Irvine, California James went to the Academy of Art University for Illustration, and became intensely interested in sculpture there. His fascination brought him on a grant to Arizona State University, where he earned a BFA in sculpture. He returned to Southern California and began his career as an artist.

To know more about James Hendershott, visit his website at:

Tom Denny: a professional artist with over a decade of experience in a wide variety of media. An expert illustrator and started his career doing illustrations for music festivals and zines. His fast sketch and hand drawn style lends well to an original and fashion forward aesthetic.

He is also versatile in styles and prides himself in traversing a variety of cultural looks and graphic states.  He makes every project his own and prides myself in efficiently achieving eye catching and iconic designs.

Tom is involved with live painting performance at music events. Some of the venues he performed at are The Roxy with the Third Eye Gathering, Serenity Gathering, The Hive Gallery, The Vex, Los Angeles Metal Fest, The Belasco in Los Angeles, LA JOYA with the Conscious life Expo just to name a few.

Tom Denny’s Mission Statement:

“I am working with allot of energies through my artwork. I am using symbols, shapes and colors which resonate with certain states of being. The Universal Creativity motivates me to speak a language that can only be heard by the subconscious when viewed through an open heart. These resonate images are describing higher dimensional aspects of the universe and are imbued with the key to inner knowings ancient and dormant within all selves. It is my intent to bring in these messages and energies of higher states of being for the upliftment of the viewer and the benefit of this reality. Each time we see the artwork of the higher realms it brings us closer to them and our relationship with that motivational creativity, the voice of the universe.”

To find out more about Tom Denny’s Live Art Painting and his Artwork, go to: or


Anthony A. LoBue: is a Senior Disabled Wartime Veteran who is the Arts Director at the Veteran’s Museum at Balboa Park.  “Tony the Vet,” as he’s known in the community, also started the New Plays Production Program (NP3), which uses playwriting and theatre to support Veterans in their healing process.  Tony is a great advocate for the Veterans of San Diego County.

Mission: Engage, Educate, Employ and Empower Veterans and Allies in the Creative Arts for Pleasure, Profit and Healing

Senior (73-years-old)  Advocate, Artist, Arts Educator, Arts Marketer and Public Speaker and Founder of “Support Our Veterans”.



  • Leader: Walkathon Across America (WAA): 9-11-10 to 9-11-11 from San Diego CA to Ground Zero NYC
  • WAA Purpose: Promote the “3R’s of Recognition, Respect and Rewards” for all Veterans and their Allies
  • Founder: Arts for Veterans (A4V) Project (Funded in part by San Diego Veteran Employment Committee)
  • A4V Purpose: Engage, Educate, Employ and Empower Veterans in the Creative Arts (Literary, Performing and Visual)
  • Facilitator: Free Creative Arts Activities at the Veterans Museum at Balboa Park (San Diego CA)
  • Founder: Art Scholarship Program, Arts for All and Arts Alive!
  • Proclamation: San Diego CA Mayor Kevin Faulconer proclaimed 7 Dec 2015 “Arts for Veterans Project Day”

Get to know Tony LoBue a little bit more:

Article: San Diego Union Tribune One-On-One Feature Sunday August 2, 2015: Page A-2:

Arts Director: Veterans Museum at Balboa Park, San Diego CA 92101

Scott Hickey: An Army Veteran who discovered the VetArt program in 2015.


This program helped him realize that he have much to offer other Veterans who find themselves in challenging situations.  He uses the creative process as a form of therapy to work through what he would consider daily obstacles and struggles.

According to Scott, “This process helps me to not only acknowledge and deal with these obstacles, but to make them a part of the subject matter of my work.  I find the result cleansing to the soul.”

For more information about Scott and the go to:

Brian Smith: Although Brian Smith, a Los Angeles-based Artist, has a very identifiable painting visual, he shows an unusual, dark and mysterious portrayal that depicts an impression that is both deeply striking and unknown. He likes to paint the kinds of things he wants to see and likes looking at. Brian’s paintings take you to a place that makes you feel different. It could be pain, isolation, joy or trapped in some kind of a foreboding time travel or place. People who have seen Brian’s paintings enjoy them very much. He loves Painting or Drawing while “drinking cheap coffee and listening to music”.

Brian is inspired a lot by of painters but to mention a few, he is inspired by guys like Robert Williams, Giger, Beksinski, Francis Bacon, Roberto Matta, Robert Venosa.

Unlike many others in this industry, Brian is not too current on modern technology. He relies only on a cheap phone and old computer. He says that technology has helped him put his artwork out there online “but it hasn’t helped me make paintings”.

Brian explains that as an artist, pushing boundaries means generating a lot of work and in doing so, you repeat yourself less and less, then you start experimenting more and more.

Advice: “Painting and drawing and making even a very modest living doing it is a pretty great thing. I spend all day, every day doing what I want. I think you’ve just gotta know how to motivate yourself to get really into whatever you’re doing.”

To see Brian Smith’s Art Collection and his web pages, go to:

Live Painters

Arlou Somo

Adi Lopez

Luis Rocha

Steven Lopez


Tracy KiggenTracy Kiggen was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in October of 1974 and immigrated to America with her family in 1992. Her father, Peter, is an electronic engineer and also an artist who dabbles in painting, when time permits. Her mother, Delita, is equally talented. She designs jewelry.

 Tracy has produced many works of art that have been displayed throughout southern California. She exercises her talents with different mediums such as oil, acrylic, water color, pencil, pen, and clay. In 2005, her love for art migrated her talents toward teaching at Michaels craft store, which she really enjoyed and from which she derived much satisfaction.

Her paintings have been on display at The Art Hub (Orange), Washington Mutual (Aliso Viejo), Signal Control Studios, and numerous other galleries.

Another unique talent of Tracy’s is in restoring old photographs using state-of-the-art software. This service allows families to keep their memories in good condition and is in demand.


In June 2007, she was rewarded with the birth of her first and only child, who has been a major inspiration for her to create more works. In 2008 she created the company ARTovator – a portmanteau of the words “art” and “innovator”. Tracy now lives and works in southern California, with her seven year old daughter, Sasha.


ARTovator has face painted for Whole Foods, Subway, The Montage, Albertson’s, Hyatt Regency, The Marriott, etc. ARTovator is also the highest rated face painter on Yelp.




“I am originally from South Africa, where I had such a great childhood, that I yearned to help create special moments for all others.

I really love my job, and it is a valuable moment when you are done painting and see that joy on a child’s face. My own daughter just celebrated her 7th birthday in June, and she is my life, my love, and my everything.”

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